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Complete Farming Services

Whole Farm Contracting

Contract Cattle Rearing

Hedge Cutting

Farm Maintenance


Crop Spraying

Here at Holmsted Farm, we offer a huge range of farm services. We have a large array of machinery meaning we can undertake most jobs locally. Our farming business is mainly focussed around whole-farm contracting, through which we produce a wide variety of crops for various uses: 

Oil Seed Rape for making vegetable oil 

Milling oats for porridge 

Milling Wheat for bread making

Linseed for oil

Malting Barley 

Pulses for animal protein feed 

Aside from this, we offer general farm maintenance throughout the year. This includes hedge cutting, ditching, digger work and crop spraying. While Our livestock department looks after extensively-reared Wagyu Beef at our site in Warninglid, and contract rear dairy cow heifer replacements for neighbouring farms in Bolney. 

We've also partaken in various environmental schemes over the last 25 years through the countryside stewardship program, which have seen some amazing improvements to our farms and the wider local area. We're excited to sink our teeth into the newly announced ELMs scheme that should bring further environmental benefits both locally and nationally. 

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